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Entry #5

The Story of Gabriel

2008-04-21 02:54:20 by ReconRebel

Gabriel or "The Herald of God" was at one time in his life a great warrior on Earth, who was the very first mortal to truly believe in God.

One cold, crisp sunny day Gabriel was riding to the little town of Bethlehem to receive a message from a friend. As he rode, he heard a noise in the bushes to his left and suddenly out sprang 100 or more bandits and thieves. They came charging up the road from behind Gabriel shouting and screaming like madmen. Gabriel spurred his white charger and started for the town. Then, as he was riding, he thought of the gentle people in Bethlehem. What would happen to them? What would become of the town? He remembered his oath of knighthood. To serve and protect the weak, helpless and innocent. His face tightened, his fists clenched, his blood boiled, and for the first time in his life he felt hatred. Hatred for the scum that would rape, pillage and burn the quiet little town of Bethlehem. In an instant his horse was reversed and heading straight for the barbaric thieves. Riding to a head-on collision, Gabriel's last words were "God be with me." The sound of swords being drawn and arrows slicing through the air filled his senses.

In one mighty stroke the Holy Sword of Gabriel quickly dispatched four of the brigands and wounded a fifth. Gabriel then followed through with a strong back swing, cleanly slicing the head off one bandit and shearing the right arm off another. The poor fellow who lost his arm saw it lying on the ground among his associates feet just as he felt an unbelievable pain shoot through his bloody stump. The brigand's scream in agony was cut short by the thrust of Gabriel's sword directly through the man's throat. The bandits poured in on Gabriel wave after wave like mindless drones with one intention. Gabriel was a becon of light in a sea of darkness. At this point all hell broke loose.

Gabriel already had six arrows lodged deep in his body and horrid sword wounds across his chest. However, something or someone kept this man going. It was a savage battle, swords all bearing down on one man. One man who believed. Now nothing could be seen amidst the dust and dirt kicked up by the battle, except the flash of silver and a bright crimson rain.

The lonely glow of twilight danced across the morning dew which coated the grass and forest trees. There was silence once again. Only the distant chirping of blue jays could be heard. Quiet blood soaked bodies littered the dirt road where a fierce battle had once raged. There were bodies in every position imaginable. Face up, face down, sprawled out by the bushes, lying in the sewage ditch, even hanging from the roadside trees. Amidst these loathsome black cloaked rouges was a man dressed in silver armor and a red and white cape. It was Gabriel. He was dead. He was lying next to the very last brigand, still clutching his bloodstained sword. He had kept his promise.

The Story of Gabriel


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2008-04-22 11:06:42

Cool. You wrote all that?

ReconRebel responds:

Dat's da fact Jack! I was having dinner at my grandmother's place and later that evening I sat down and wrote this piece. Not sure where the idea came from. It's purely fictional. I was 15 years old at the time.


2008-04-27 18:28:25

I have always loved this story! AWESOME picture to go with it....look at it long enough and you can almost see his eye's piercing your soul......


2008-05-24 11:59:37

Damn... 43.

ReconRebel responds:

Actually, I turned 44 on the 23rd of May. Bumped my birthday ahead a month to match my sign-up date. ;-)


2008-05-29 23:07:25

You use tons of really strong imagery in your writing. It makes for a really colorful, imaginative read. I really enjoyed it.

ReconRebel responds:

Thanks Metal-Therapy. My main goal was to be as descriptive as possible. The next installment is sitting at home (I'm at work right now). I'll try and remember to bring it on Friday.


2008-06-10 16:47:16

How's life?

ReconRebel responds:

I go to parties, sometimes until four. It's hard to leave when you can't find the door. Life's been good to me so far. Long time no see Nick. Hope you're doing well. ^_^


2008-06-12 17:31:52

you will live fewer years then you already have, how does that make you feel?

ReconRebel responds:

Well... I almost had my head blown off during my stint in the military and pulled some crazy stunts during my roof jumping days. Death has never scared me but I'm grateful to still be here.


2008-06-27 23:53:42

Hey there, ya crazy Canuk. Hows it going?

ReconRebel responds:

Not bad Tar. How have you been? Had a few binges here and there as you can expect. "Today he is there to trip you up, and he will torture you tomorrow. Yet he is also there to ease the pain, when lost in grief and sorrow". Remember where that's from? Those riddle chests were the best part of the game. So retrogade is down for the count 'eh? Too bad. I'll miss all the melodramatics that went on there, especially the elections. I really like your Lucretcia piece on deviantART but Waiting For The Worms is my favorite for obvious reasons. The delivery guy is here so I gotta go. I want my wonton soup! See ya bud. :-)


2008-07-06 20:25:23

Heh, I never played all the way through Betrayal at Krondor (and didn't play the sequel at all), but you're right, the riddle chests were the best part. I think my favorite (after the alcohol one) was "Which side of a wolf has the most hair?" I know there was a section of the game where you don't have a party member that can read elfish, so I learned the elfish alphabet and answered them anyway. Have you ever read the books? I read all but 1 or 2 of the Riftwar series once upon a time, though I think Feist has written a few more since then. Do you have a dA account I'm not aware of, or do you just lurk? Thanks for the compliments, and your comment on BJ on my profile.


2008-07-11 00:50:55

Sup, Gramps?

Jk jk jk, don't touch me pls. T_T

ReconRebel responds:

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you formerly known as NGpro?


2008-07-11 12:57:50

Ah, sorry, no.

My former name was doom_fan.


2008-07-17 05:09:55

I don't know if you've heard or not.. but RetroGade might be coming back online. roGade-5-2-75416353

I am not sure about Quik's layout.

ReconRebel responds:

That sounds great Nick but I doubt I'll be returning. QuikFox and I were always knocking heads over something. Good luck with the site!


2008-08-15 22:42:21

Eh, I always found Archangel Micheal to be a bigger source of inspiration. But what would I know? I'm Pagan.

Nice story though.

ReconRebel responds:

Michael has always been my favorite archangel too. The story is fictional and I wrote it before I really knew anything about religion. If you're looking for a good read about angels I highly recommend "To Reign in Hell". It's a 1984 novel by Steven Brust centered around the angelic revolt in Heaven. Thanks for the compliment RobotTaco!


2008-10-20 07:54:01

wow. You should really make more of these stories. Would make a nice book. The picture of that white knight really fits in nice.

ReconRebel responds:

Thanks for the compliment lordnimrod. Maybe I should stop procrastinating and post the next instalment of The Journey.


2008-10-23 15:43:34

I think its an amazing story, as i adore writing mysef, but im more interested in that picture. I HAVE to ask, where is that from, did you make it?

(Updated ) ReconRebel responds:

I like the pic too smokey but I didn't make it. Found it on a site called photobucket. Come up with one or two key words relating to the image you want to find, type them into the search bar and you'll access tons of pics.


2008-11-03 13:27:05

Amazing picture!

ReconRebel responds:

Garbanzo beans!


2008-11-07 12:55:21

In your userpage message - "Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life. I'm here to enforce those beliefs." - what is this from?

ReconRebel responds:

The first part about life and death is a direct quote from Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. The second part about beliefs was added by me for a little pizzazz. ^_~


2008-11-07 16:04:06

Ahh yes, there is a song I heard on the AP that has the quote in it (good song) - n/124778


2008-11-21 11:49:30


ReconRebel responds:

Thanks bud. "Let's get ready to Rummble!!!"


2008-11-30 13:33:55

that pic looks like the front pic of heroes of might and magic 5...

ReconRebel responds:

That's a distinct possiblity. I found it on photobucket.


2009-01-11 12:27:45

Hello, Sir!

ReconRebel responds:

Hello back!


2009-01-16 21:35:14

I loved your story Recon. Still can't believe that you go to newgrounds even though you are like 40(?) still. nice story you wrote.

ReconRebel responds:

Well, the client gives us a lot of freedom here (which pisses off my own company). I can spend most of my shift cruising the internet with no repercussions. Sweet deal to say the least.


2009-03-11 20:07:45

wait my name is gabriel


2009-03-17 19:08:55

great story you made you can kinda see the inside of the armor head thing


2009-03-26 15:31:08

hmmm small world i worte a story like this on my page but mine is about a palidin


2009-05-15 01:54:29

Can I have this account.


2009-09-08 01:00:58

Man we need more people like this on NG.


2010-03-21 18:07:18

in Firefox - menu, tools, clear recent history, then uncheck all but cache...In Internet Explorer - tools, internet options, general tab, then delete files.


2010-11-23 23:48:44

You're alive! :O

ReconRebel responds:



2011-04-25 08:53:46

I miss you old man


2011-09-27 08:14:08

Hey Recon, you've been Cooped!

Thanks for playing :3

ReconRebel responds:

Admin hacked my account. I think it was Wade and his dark sunglasses.